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Exhibiting at Top Drawer London

Tracey Wilmot

Well we made it and are now back home unpacked and back to work. It was our first visit to Top Drawer and we loved it. We learned so much from this experience and it gave us so many ideas for the future and what to do with our business.

We packed the car the day before and set off about 9am the drive down was fine no real traffic. We opted to stay in Hilton Olympia Hotel as it was the closest and wanted to make our days exhibiting as easy as possible. When we got there the hotel is practically on the doorstep and we later found out that lots of exhibitors had opted to stay there as well for convenience. 

Setting up the stand was pretty straight forward as we had trialed at home and so knew what we planned to do. The spotted section was upstairs but this was no real problem either plenty of lifts and our trusty sack barrow.

The great thing about the spotted section is that there is a great mixture of products it not like the gift, home, fashion, jewellery etc sections. We were near placemats, lampshades, cards a whole array of things. As it was everyone's first time we were all in the same boat and all said afterwards what a great learning curve it was. We went up and down with our emotions but mostly laughed.

We were told the first day was mainly independent shops the second larger retailers and the third journalists and students. This seemed overall true.

By the third day we were absolutely shattered but also sad that it was all coming to an end and our experience was nearly over. Packing up was very busy but also well organised you book your car in before hand at a certain time and though busy it works well plenty of staff to tell you where to park and people working the lifts so for the amount of people there it was easier to get in and out than many other events we have been to.

If you are wondering whether to apply for spotted our experience was great totally recommend you go for it.



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