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Our first award for our bears

Tracey Wilmot

After a couple of years of making bears to enter into the International Teddy Bear Artist Awards and then deciding not to send them this year I decided no I am taking the plunge and going to enter.
I chose my category and drew my pattern, chose the mohair and eagerly started making him. On the day he was finished I called him conker because he had leather paws that looked like a conker and I told him to conquer the competition. He was put straight in a box and posted as I knew if he did not go straight away I would again end up not sending him.
For the next few weeks I put the competition to the back of my mind. One Friday I decided to have a look and realised it was that Sunday only two days away. The realisation that it was so close sent my nerves into overdrive, should I go but it was a five hour drive. The decision was made for me though as we were booked into a fair all weekend and would have to miss something and decided the competition would have to lose.
After an agonising weekend the results were posted on Monday morning and conker had been placed second. I was absolutely overjoyed and a couple of days later I saw a photo of somebody collecting their award and in the background was conker sat on a table on stage with all the other bears that had won. I was so proud of him and a little guilty that he was there on his own. Silly I know but each bear gets a special little place in my heart.
So now I am eagerly awaiting for him to be returned with the award until I see it I still cannot quite believe it is true.
Will be walking on cloud nine for another month.

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