Your first craft fair

Your first craft fair

So you have taken the plunge decided to do a fair, booked your table what do you do now. Here's a few things that may help you along the way.

You do not need loads and loads of stock, enough to make a nice display if you end up with an empty table at the end of the day that is no bad thing, and if you do not sell much you are not left with lots of stock and no idea how to move it on.

A card machine is a good idea and they are not that expensive now and especially after the pandemic I think more people will be using card payments then before. Though you will still need some change especially if you have items of a low price that people may think they will pay for rather than putting on a card.

Price your items appropriately too cheap and people think they are cheap ask your worth you have spent time making them. You have the expertise to make them and you deserve payment for it. 

Don't clutter your table practise at home what looks good next to each other, what colours compliment each other. It will make it easier when you have to be finished and ready for opening if you have a good idea of what your table is going to look like.

Have a nice cloth, clean and ironed and preferably to the floor so you can hide your boxes behind it. Many fairs will stipulate that you have to have a cloth to the floor. We started with an old curtain at first, now we have one with our name on it reminds people who you are. As our stand is full of hand sewn items I sewed our name onto it but you can get some relatively cheaply with your name stamped on.

We have an opened back box in the centre of our table, it makes a unseen place where we can stash sweets, cups etc so your table does not look untidy.

Have some nice bags or tissue to put your items in when people buy. The nice packaging gives a better experience when they unwrap when they get home. 

We have found that the more perfect the stand the less people like to interact they do not like to touch or pick up if they feel they are going to make it untidy. This is also the same for the business cards if they are a little untidy they will pick one up more than if they are in a neat heap.

Engage with people but do not be forceful, let them look let them chat to whoever they are with and wait to see if they want to interact. Smile when they approach then wait, don't scare them off by being too forceful and be ready for the questions you will be asked, how did you make it etc.

Publicise to your followers on your social media that you will be there, let people know where you are. If there is a charge to enter let them know, if there is more going on let them know. We also share who else is there create some idea to people what they can expect.

I'm sure there are many more things that after you do your first one you will think I haven't mentioned but most of all enjoy and don't give up after the first they are all different, different sets of people walking round every week.  



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