One of a kind artist bears
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What we do

Creating Rose-May bears

We love bears and take care and pay attention to detail in every bear we make to create a one of a kind bear every time.

Each one has their pattern hand drawn on the material and cut out by hand before sewing each piece together either by hand or with a sewing machine. The only part of the process using machinery is the sewing together. We have a collection of vintage sewing machines that we use. Each one is maintained by Robert who is regularly stripping them down and oiling them to keep them in tip top condition.

The next stage we add the joint to each piece and fill them before piecing together, with either a fibre filling or wood wool.  They are all different and we use an organic method letting each bear speak to us, such as deciding how much steel shot they should have inside. Robert makes the pouches that go inside using different amounts so we can pick one that feels correct for each particular bear.

After they are jointed together we then work on the face. This stage takes us the longest; we sit them on the side in our work room until we understand exactly how each one should look. It can take hours or many weeks for us to complete this but this stage is never rushed.  The eyes we use are glass which we keep in stock of a mixture of coloured and plain in different sizes so we can choose whichever suits the bear best. The facial features are then embroidered, some with smiles some without as we feel we do not all smile all of the time so why should the bears.

When completed each bear has their Rose-May button attached. These are ceramic and made for us by Rita a local ceramic artist.

We choose our fabrics for its quality and how individual it will make our bears look as well as using traditional mohair. Each bear is only made once, some maybe the same fabric or pattern but either the paws, eyes, size or facial features will always be different so your Rose-May bear is individual. Whether you want to add to your collection or give a gift to be treasured you can be sure that is the only one.

We are based in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. We attend events all over the country where you will either see me (Tracey) Robert or our daughter Scarlett working on the stand. Follow us on our Facebook page which we regularly update with where we are and get a sneaky peek at our latest bears. If you are near Helmsley you are welcome to get in touch and make an appointment to visit us where they are all created.

 Rose-May bears are collectors bears and are not toys. They have small metal components, glass eyes, ceramic button and metal joint and do not comply with toy safety standards.

In addition to our bears we also have a mohair kit with a full set of YouTube videos for you to follow; these videos can also be used as a reference for making any bear not just our kit.

Recent additions to our range include memory bears and key rings/bag charms.